Low-energy Automatic Door Systems

Image of a low energy door installation

The most versatile and reliable operator

The EMSW EMO is especially designed for low-energy applications with high intelligent functions to support safety and comfort for most types of pedestrian doors.

The operator can be mounted on either side of the door for pull or push action and is suitable for single or double doors fitted with butt hinges or pivots.

Reliable and strong

The EMSW EMO has been developed to comply with European standards and requirements for low-energy power-operated doors.

Safety is a trademark

The EntreMatic EMSW offers a high degree of safety. The operator can be combined with the full range of EntreMatic safety units. The door is then prevented from opening or closing on to somebody or something obstructing the door.

The smart control unit offers added-value features like power assist, smart double-door controls and monitored battery back-up for convenience. Other added-value features are smart lock functions for security, monitored sensors and low-energy consumption.


  • Single operator – one drive unit and one control unit fitted under a cover.
  • Double operator – two drive units with control units fitted under the same cover for operation of two doors.
A graphic of the swing dia 579 door technical specifications

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Technical specifications:

  • Power supply: 100-240 V AC, +10/- 15%, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: max. 75 W
  • Auxiliary voltage: 24 V DC, max. 400 mA
  • Internal control fuse: 2 x T 6.3 AH 250 V
  • Door leaf width: max. 1200 mm
  • Recommended door weight: max. 90 kg
  • Clear opening:
  • Door opening angle: 80 - 110°
  • Reveal: Push 0 - 100 mm (300 mm with longer telescopic part) / Pull 0 - 130 mm
  • Opening and closing time: variable between 3 - 6 sec.
  • Hold open time: 1.5 - 30 sec.
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +45°C
  • Relative humidity (non-condensing) max 85%
  • Class of protection: IP20 - to be installed internally or externally with suitable weather protection.
  • The EMSW EMO complies with the UL 325 ANSI / BHMA A156.19, BS7036:1996 part 4 and DIN 18650 requirements for low-energy power operated doors.

Standard equipment

  • Cover in clear anodized aluminum, end plates made of black painted steel sheet.
  • Dimensions:

    • Height: 110 mm
    • Depth: 130 mm
    • Single operator: Length 716 mm
    • Special length covers up to 1600 mm
    • Double operator: Length optional
  • Control unit CU-ESD with possibility to connect manual and automatic activation units, position switches and overhead presence detectors (OPD).
  • “Push and go”: the door opens automatically from closed position if manually pushed.
  • Power assist: the motor gives power assist when the door is opened by hand.

Accessories and options

  • Extension unit EXU-SI: Used if additional functions are required, e.g. electro-mechanical lock, program selector, emergency battery, kill function open/close, key opening and outer impulse.
  • Extension unit EXU-SA: Has inputs for both monitored /non monitored door mounted sensors, which can give presence impulse and/or presence detection. Relay output for error or door indication is also integrated.
  • Finger trap protection devices.
  • Manual and automatic activation units.
  • Impulse and presence detection sensors.
  • Programme selectors.
  • Monitored battery backup unit: 24 VDC 1200 mA.
  • Electro-mechanical locking connection: 12 VDC max 500 mA or 24 VDC max 250 mA.